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Tile flooring


Tile flooring is manufactured from a variety of materials such as clay, stone, metal, terrazzo, and quartz. Each type of tile flooring has its own defining characteristics. Generally speaking, the two most commonly used types of tile flooring are ceramic and natural stone..

Wall tile


Wall tile is a stylish and functional material to incorporate into your home’s design. Choose from beautiful colors and great textures to create wow-worthy walls. Decorative wall tile makes a unique look that you can tailor and personalize to show off your style. New wall tile designs allow you to mimic wood, concrete or other looks.

Shower tile


Your shower will be a part of your life every day—why not make it beautiful? opt for a stunning tile that you love for your shower wall, and you’ll enjoy it for years to come. Use designer-look marble for an elegant feeling, modern neutrals for spa-like vibes or warm, natural stone for a rustic feeling.

Tile Backsplash


A tile backsplash makes the perfect addition to any kitchen or bathroom. Backsplashes protect walls from moisture, stains, and are a great way to add personality to any home. Choose from backsplashes that are made of a variety of materials and colors to perfectly suit your kitchen or bathroom. Stylish and functional, these backsplashes allow you to create a distinctive look.

Edging, Borders and inlays


Finish your tile project with a stylish accent by choosing the perfect trim tile, border or edging. This step serves an important function by softening the raw edges of tile walls and floors to ensure proper installation. Plus, it adds a high-end designer effect to the look. The Tile Shop offers a wide selection of colors, patterns and textures that can add the ideal complement to your next project.

Thresholds and curbing


With expertly rounded or beveled edges, this tile threshold piece offers a seamless transition from your shower pan, kitchen, bathroom or fireplace area. Made with the same care and quality as the matching tile, durable curbs and thresholds are ideal for high-traffic areas.



choose the pattern that best suits your design and look that you want to achieve.